Considerations: 850 GT vs. V7 Special

My 850 GT-trip through Germany in September was no success at all. I either found customized bargains in bad shape or well-kept original beauties with too high price expectations. Hans´ bikes in the Netherlands were the best option so far but I could not convince myself to buy such a pig in a poke. For 3,7K €, one of the Dutch 850 GTs was really cheap but a risk to buy. Its history was more or less unknown, as was the state of the drive train. Disappointing!

Meanwhile, I had a brief digress from the Italian V2s. 250 cc Hondas from the early 1970s just came to my mind when I stumbled upon some interesting offers at There were affordable to buy, cheap to run, available and well-looking vintage bikes that work both in original and custom trim. Was that an option?

No! Luckily, two friends brought me back on track with a nice evening at our favorite Pizza shop in Berlin. Peter, Head of Urban Motor, and Klaus, amongst others owning several Ducatis and Guzzis managed to reactivate my passion for vintage Guzzis and the small Hondas were forgotten before the evening was over. I was back into business!

Final efforts on V7 850 GTs were initiated and I found a great bike at Gerd Wirz´s site. He offered a perfect black GT at a fair rate but the price was still way too high for my budget. It appeared to be a never ending story.

So how about choosing a comparable V7 – namely V7 750 Special? Well, it does not offer a 5-speed gearbox, comes with less torque and single Duplex brakes only. But will I ever need a 5-speeder and the looks of a double Duplex (they are not better than single Duplex)?

Well, honestly, I don’t. These gadgets are just for the coltish mind. So why chasing dreams? Therefore, I am now concentrating on V7 Specials with 750 cc engine. It is not a big market for such a type of bike in Germany but first contacts to sellers are promising. I will of course let you know.


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