Guess what – I finally made a (good?) deal and have bought a V7 Special to Berlin last Friday!

I ´d rather choose a bike from Bottropp that was quite promising and the seller seemed to be a fair guy. But Berlin-Bottropp-Berlin is over 1.100 km and I just did not manage to get there. But it happened by chance that I wanted to collect my girlfriend near Hannover – and there was a potential Guzzi nearby anyway. I made an appointment on Friday noon at Motours in Peine and put a cheap rental trailer on my tiny Fiesta. Just in case…

Doors were closed when I arrived but Marco, the boss, came immediately – it was lunch break. So we had enough time to get the old lady out of the show room to inspect some details. Dry engine, correct carbs, good wheels, used but not bad paint, more or less original, properly maintained and willing to offer me a test ride. It was really cold outside so the tour took only a few minutes.

Some kilometers told enough: The engine was great, easily rumbling from idle to full throttle. The brakes were as poor as all V7 stoppers and could be improved by just a good adjustment job. Everything else was in fine shape. The bike was aged – of course – but 40 years did not make such a big impression on the Italian steel. Additionally, the bike came with a set of spare rear shock absorbers, turning lights, the original handle bar and some other chrome parts. I was happy – with one exception: The clutch did not work as easy as possible. The friction point was way too sharp and it made a jeering sound whenever you engaged the clutch. Diagnosis: A worn driving dog, probably.

Finally, this problem became a core subject of the following price negotiations. I did not like the idea of rebuilding the clutch sooner or later. But we agreed on a reasonable price that balanced for this upcoming effort. So: Shake hands!

Marco helped me to strap the bike on my rental trailer and I was off. The tour back to Berlin was long since the car had to tow over 500 kg more than usual – and trailers are limited to a 100 km/h top speed. I did not exceed 130. 😉

My girlfriends’ first reaction on the bike was positive and you might know that this counts a lot. She even helped me reloading the bike in the dark so that I could tie the Guzzi to the next available street light. Good night V7 – we´ll have a good time together…


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