Small Part – Big Business

You might know that the original fuel filler caps from vintage V7 Guzzis are as rare as a Berlusconi parties without a dozen of underaged girls. So it was quite a task to find a proper one for me. My V7 Special was equipped with the filler cap of the much younger California II. And a hole was drilled into it to give it the ability to breathe. So it neither worked nor looked properly.

I tried all the spare part dealers in Germany in the first place. But these guys were no help at all – V7 parts seem to become quite a rarity here. This is why I had to widen my perspective – on the international market. And of course, Ebay was the solution. I found a filler cap in the US (the seller´s company name is Eurotrash – what a proper branding!) and the price was reasonable. Click and deal.

It took about three weeks to get the part to Berlin – and I needed another hour and twelve Euros at the customs to finally hold it in my own hands. So, here it is! Looking good, working fine – and hopefully fitting to my fuel filler neck. It´s obviously far away from new old stock quality but it will match the aged looks of my V7 quite well.


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