What a Christmas Time!

My lousy time management did not allow me to really put the hands on the Guzzi over the last days. But – nevertheless – there are some highlights at the end of the year to mention:

At first, the US filler cap is now fitted to the tank and looks just right. A job of seconds, of course.

Secondly, I received a name branded folding rule as a Christmas present yesterday. What a great idea – it will save me much time not accusing my father and brother in law anymore to having stolen my tools. At least this tool…

The third step forward? Two cans of oil that arrived lately. This vintage looking Castrol lubricant (20W50) should be excellent for the demanding (air-/oil cooled) Guzzi V2. The old lady lacks a proper oil filtration so the fluid has to be changed all 3.000 km. Hopefully, this is more than once in a season.

The last and definitely not least point is my “new” old turning lathe. I bought it from a friend of mine and it has now arrived in my garage – some kind of self-devoted present. It will take more time to give it a proper basement, to understand it and – finally – to really use it. But I am really keen on giving it a first spin.

So, it appears that I am quite blessed this Christmas. I hope that all of you feel the same and that you will have a wonderful year´s end and a good start in 2013. See you on the road (or in the garage…).


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