New ignition cables and fuel pipes

It´s only small progress but I recently managed to swap the old ignition cables for new ones with an awesome fabric liner, matching perfectly to the V7 Special color scheme. Removing the old ones implied disassembling both seat and tank in advance. This was no problem at all – but fiddling with the contacts definitely was! The new pins had no teeth for biting into the ignition cable wire – so they had no contact at all. I therefore had to improvise by bending and brazing the wire to the pins. I did so four times (both cylinder outputs in the distributor and the complete coil connection). It took me more than one hour. So I was happy when the spark plug check outside of the engine was successfully accomplished…

The second task of the day was to exchange the old fuel pipes. They have probably been aged over decades on the bike and thus hardened from rubber to plastic. Removing them was quite a struggle. The new fuel pipes also come in fabric liner and are much more flexible than the old stuff.

I believe that the matching red-black cables suit the Guzzi and her ancient looks quite well. I really love this textile surface, too!


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