New turning lights attached

I dropped in on my mates at Urban Motor this evening where mechanic Henry currently works on the V7 electrics (and a few other projects as you can see from the pictures). Of course, his work is not finished yet but he made some progress on the turning lights that already work properly.

He manufactured a 2 mm stainless steel bracket for the rear turning lights which allows me to add the side cases whenever I like. Any other solution would have corrupted this flexibility and I believe the way he did it suits the old lady quite well.

The front turning lights are held in place by custom shafts made from stainless steel. The distance between the pair allows for a proper front view – the lights are just outside of the front fork silhouette.

I had the plan to use the old left-hand light switch for all electrical functions – including the turning lights. But the original 1970s CEV switch would have to be destroyed in its inner parts for that reason. Thus, we decided to buy an identical-looking repro switch providing more space for internal changes and all the cables. The turning lights can now be activated by the lower-end 3-position switch, usually meant for low/high beam.

Henry will complete all electrical issues within the next weeks. So I really look forward to having the first big ride with my stunning V7 Special. I can hardly wait…


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