New passenger foot pegs

It was a real struggle finding a pair of vintage foot pegs for the passenger. I bought my V7 with some cheap, square and much too shiny looking foot pegs but they are like a foreign object to the bike. Original parts never were an issue – I could not find any. A contact in the US offered a pair of used OEM Guzzi rests and I purchased them blind – the picture did not show a lot. However, it seemed to be worth a try. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a wrong decision because these parts have a totally different mounting architecture.

The pegs from the US – in good state however – will find their way back into Ebay soon. And here we come full circle: I also found proper non-Guzzi foot pegs on Ebay for the bargain of just 1 Euro. Probably coming from an old Zündapp (or similar) they look quite dated and the rubber has hardened to plastic – but the used look is just right. I will add them soon since the weather is great for some first March motor rides.

Therefore, I just have to catch the bike at Urban Motor who were fixing all electrical issues, added new turning lights and fine-tuned both carbs and valves. Mechanic Henry also installed a hidden light switch under the seat. Here I can turn the main lights on and off. The original switch is now controlling the turning lights, in favor of a cleaner look and proper usability…

BTW: Does anybody know a workshop that can handle a rebuild of the original Guzzi rear shocks?


2 thoughts on “New passenger foot pegs

  1. I’m using 20.000 km used rear shocks from a Harley softail on a V750 from 1970. They work just fine. Then again, my bike ain’t 100% original, rear shock’s attach on a different place so the bike ride’s lower.

    What I need is to rebuild front end, it’s either rubish or it’s too wore down to be of any use. Have u got any tips on front end rebuild??

  2. Hey Bruce,
    I really did not know that Harley shocks might work with a V7 – good to know and worth a try! I have not had my hands on the V7´s front end yet – this might change over the coming winter…
    Best! Sven

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