Back on the road

Well, it appears that not only I struggled a lot due to the intense and long winter that lasted till last week. The recent weather change, well-appreciated by the whole country, allowed me yesterday to collect my Guzzi at the premises of Urban Motor in Berlin Mitte. Mechanic Henry had not only fiddled with the electrics, valves and carbs over the last 2 months but also checked the squeaking and stiff clutch. Luckily, in the end he did not see any necessity to really work on it because the clutch´s behavior was totally inconspicuous in his eyes.

May be that I was a little too demanding in terms of bite point and sensibility. 40 years of engineering progress might have pampered me a little… However, these were good news because no more hard work needs to be done before season start. So it was quite a joy to ride the old lady through Berlin´s city center after I applied some tire pressure control.

The following week might bring some great days of sunny motoring. Hopefully, the outstanding oil change job on engine, gearbox and drive train will then be the last and easiest task to make her ready for 2013.


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