Imagine it´s the sunny morning of a cold Sunday. Your girlfriend is still with her dreams and you have the chance to take your vintage V7 Special out for a ride before breakfast. You silently splash some fresh water in your face, get your jet helmet on, sneak off your flat out to the street and… touch the starter button. Guzzi rumbles into life without any hesitation – she will serve you well today.

Some congenial backfiring on the first meters, but choke can be ignored soon. The streets are empty – which is good if you want to tame all existing 50 Cavalli on the lanes of Berlin Mitte. You leave city center behind, ride along the water side just into the sun. Cold wind is driving tears in the eyes. You suddenly recognize some spent-looking brick buildings in a lonely industry zone. Have they been here before? No clue, but it looks awesome in the sharp morning sun. You take a few pictures of your beloved bike – enjoying the long shadows on the ground. Time to turn around, however.

The sun still stands low – but the back of your black leather jacket gets warm while you enter home zone again. Guzzi dictates the way back, from Kreuzberg to Potsdamer Platz into Tiergarten tunnel. Suddenly, you are covered with darkness, a dim road stretches in front of you. An invitation to full throttle, of course. Four gears and open carbs have never felt as fast before…

Dazzling whiteness welcomes you after rising from the underground. Your eyes only adapt slowly to the glaring light. The sound of your machine settles down again. You finally arrive in your street, turn the bike off and listen to the sizzling noise of the engine cooling down for some seconds. It feels like hours. There are still no other vehicles around.

Your girlfriend has just stepped out of bed while the key of your home door slides into the lock. She smiles at you, without any words – as if she genuinely knows what you have just experienced.

It´s not even 10:00 am but the day has already been quite worth it!

Now guess what I have done this morning…


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