Liquids Vol. 2

Well, I finally made it. All liquids are changed now. But an electric update was done before since I plan to do some long distance travelling with my old Guzzi in the future – and thus need a 12 volt socket for satnav charging. Louis had a proper solution on offer, being cheap and complete at the same time. The kit compromises a socket with waterproofed cap, a 90° fixing mount, the 1,7 m long cable and a 10 amps fuse.

It did not take a long time to find a good position for this piece of kit: Just below the gas tank on the left side of the generator cover. This does not change the overall appearance (actually, it is almost invisible) but allows for easy access and a short distance to the handle bar. Mounting it was a little more work because the tank had to be removed for that. This then gave access to the cover. I drilled 4 holes into the plastic and fitted the socket. The cable was then connected to the rest of the harness and of course the battery itself. First check – working! I just need a proper iPhone mount for the handle bar now…

So it was time for the rest of the oil change. The shaft drive casing went first, followed by the gearbox. I expected more trouble with rotten drain plugs and stuff but things went rather well. It was just the color and consistency of the gearbox oil that made me wonder. When has this been changed before…? However, this work was the acknowledgement for just having done the right thing. It feels better now driving the old lady with fresh oil in it. I also took the chance and replaced the filling bolts with golden ones from my former Le Mans.

One of my further ideas was to improve the sound by simply drilling holes into the exhaust pipes – an old school /dabbler technique that I learned by the age of 11, applying it to 2-stroke Simson mopeds which went really bad afterwards (back pressure, you name it!). But the V7´s mufflers are just a little too complex for this stupid approach. The exhaust pipe outlet is not coming from the middle and combines some inner chambers between first and second third of its total length (see one of the inner limitations captured with the help of my mobile´s lamp). So I just quit before ruining anything. Perhaps, this might be an interesting winter project to discover the options of sound optimizing on the original mufflers…

Night fell over the garage so that I started again by next morning. The weather was great and I began with some tuning outside of my workshop. The clutch – never the strong point of my bike so far – improved heavily due to some correct adjustment at the bottom end of the cable. The biting point is now where it belongs, although the lever itself has no cable tension on the last millimeters of its way anymore. I also had a second view on my rear shock absorbers and their mounting rubbers which are almost gone or without any damping function. I definitely have to check spare part options or need to design some own rubbers by my own.

My Guzzi finally received a full washing and polishing procedure – including water, wax, Nevr Dull and some other care products. The result is quite impressive; the bike now looks much better – especially with the alloy rims surfacing some bling-bling again! I updated the gallery with some fresh pictures then.

Of course, it was just the perfect conclusion to take it for a ride. Luckily, my mates Martin (Yamaha R1) and Klaus (V7 Special, amongst others) joined me for a visit just in time and we took off, attended by my father on his ever-working Honda NTV.

BTW: Klaus just swapped his right cylinder head this morning (victim of the cooling fin monster) after a refurbished head had a badly broken inside thread for the manifold. Good luck that such a trouble spared me so far…


One thought on “Liquids Vol. 2

  1. Good Afternoon,
    congratulation for your bike, your blog is very well done !
    My name is Vince, I own a old timer V7 Special from 1971 too, great bike !

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