Rush Hour

Some people might believe that a vintage V7 is not good for daily city riding. I in turn disagree with them. Of course, there are “better” bikes out there – but what is the approach of complete adaption and adequacy all about? That´s just boring.

I however love the challenge of keeping the engine at rev after the early morning start or enjoy the sound of the Dell’Ortos in a tunnel. And what´s more: I totally adapt my speed to the engine power and, even more – to the “incomplete” braking setup. This is a guarantee for winding down your general life just a little and – finally – creates peace of mind. A Panigale would not be able to do so.

So I will start with sharing a few pictures and videos over the next time, enjoying the V7 out in the field, covered by my GoPro cam (still improving with it!). And we start this series with my daily drive to work, from Berlin Wedding to Britz over the mainly congested city Autobahn. A motorbike is quite a bless in that situation when you can trail through the crowd of still-standing but ridiculously ambitious-looking automobiles.

There´s more to come…


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