What a ride!

Yes, Guzzi is running superb and I enjoyed the best trip ever with her over the last days. But let’s start with the preparation that came first…

I purchased some spare parts at Schubert Moto Service to improve minor details. The main focus was on the rear shock absorber mounting rubbers which were really nagged. Luckily new ones were available – and I added a steering head bearing set, cylinder head gaskets and a fuel-resistant rubber for the filler cap to achieve a proper order sum. Bearing set and head gaskets will be installed eventually.

The filler cap and its inner rubber were dismantled then. I cut a thicker ring out of the plain rubber piece and pushed it into the filler cap. It all looked pretty well – but later test rides still exposed a lack of sealing because fuel was running down the tank after engaged corner-cutting yet. A better solution has to be found I believe…

The replacement of the shock rubbers was much more promising. Some brute force and WD40 are always good companions for any task; in this case completed within minutes. BTW: I found an instruction manual from Gregory Bender to give a detailed overhaul to the rear shocks. I will definitely try this in the coming winter.

A holiday trip to Schwerin was a reason to put the side cases on again (which I removed for better looks before). The sub frame received a brief cleaning in advance and the cases were mounted with stainless steel bolts. I also punched some letters for the “L” and “R” side into the keys.

Mrs. Guzzi was well-prepared for some final adjustments then, integrating some modern world technology on the old-fashioned bike. As a first step, the GoPro cam found a place on the right side case. I recorded a short video later which was really blurred, mainly due to the relatively long lever arm which is necessary for proper adjustment. The rattling sound also reminded me on leaving the case lid gaskets in place. Metal on metal just don´t make for a good sound…

Finally, a new XiRRix iPhone case was mounted on the handle bar, charged by a 12 volt plug near the generator. It works pretty well with Google Maps as a low-cost satnav solution, keeping the energy-wasting GPS signal of the phone alive while riding.

So the bike was ready for take-off, floating through the night back to Berlin. Unfortunately, it appears that the GoPro is not very good at shooting pictures at night. The noise of the photos is terrible and shutter times are far too long. But better lighting the next morning produced some proper test shots whilst I drove to a small village near Schwerin.

Only small B-roads were chosen for my favorite route – and those 220 km in four hours were some of the best I have ever experienced on a bike. The V2 was great, making no trouble and gurgling with joy, the nature exploded in green, the sky put on some blue makeup – and I was in no hurry, relishing the empty roads.

What better circumstances can you imagine for such a trip…?


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