Shake, rattle, then roll

Yesterday’s upgrade of my side cases with splendidly matching white edge guard rubber was just the intro to a nagging evening. I was frustrated by the leaking fuel filler cap since the replacement of the thin original sealing rubber did not improve the fuel spitting at all. A mixture of gasoline in combination with drained clear coat from the tank hurt both eyes and paint job.

Detailed investigation led to only one solution: Dismantling the filler cap once more and adjusting its position. You may definitely call me stupid just putting the spanner onto the inner nut, turning and turning it… until the nut fell into the open gas tank!

Shit!!! Just blame the utter pillar at the end of the spanner…

I was quite pissed when I discovered that even my catching magnet did not work in the loneliness of the tanks dark abyss. Brief fine tuning suddenly was a matter of hours. All fuel had to be drained into a can allowing for turning the gas tank around. This alone took more than one hour – I luckily had just filled up 15 liters before arriving in my garage. Quite possible that the small fuel tap wanted to discover my mental borders.

But I was stronger, finally succeeded over the slowly dabbling firing fluid and was then able to shake the tank until the bloody nut fell out of the filler neck. The thing tried to look innocent but I punished it immediately by replacing it with a stainless steel version. Finally, revenge was mine. Eat this, stupid nut!

Now, the real work could begin. It appeared that the metal plate under the filler cap did not catch the inner rim of the filler neck properly – so that not enough pressure was applied to the cap and its sealing. I flattened the plate with two pliers until it just went below the rim when the cap was closed. Three tries and the optimum was achieved.

The test ride back home proofed that it worked out pretty well. There was no more fuel coming out of the tank ruining the looks (and probably MPG…) of my old lady. This meant: Mission accomplished!


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