Mysterious behaviours

Usually, my V7 is a great example of vintage engineering managing the modern life with ease. The way to work through traffic jams, a joy ride in the evening, a long trip over the weekend, short holiday tours – all the likes. But the bike made problems lately, obviously having problems with the engine. It suddenly happened that the engine lost power and was struggling with firing as usual. It died at idle, too.

I suspected a problem with the fuel since I swapped the hoses and bad quality plastic filters (broken after 3 weeks in use) just a while ago on the street in front of my flat. An amateurish work – but more than adequate when you do not have time to get to your workshop. So I finally consulted my mates at Urban Motor and mechanic Uwe had a test ride. He assumed that the ignition might be worn – because both cylinders did not fire properly. So I ordered the relevant spares…

But, now, it appears that I do not need these any longer: A proper rebuild of fuel filter (only one, made from chromed metal plus Sinter mesh) and transparent hoses plus self-made wired stainless brackets in my garage seems to have cured the old lady. She went well afterwards, pulling from idle to the end of the band without any problem. Has the problem really been an issue with fuel delivery to the carbs? I still doubt that because more than enough firing fluid was dripping out of the old hoses. But who cares, I am lucky now to enjoy the steady rumble from the V2 again.

The engine also received some new oil – the second gulp this year. Yes, the bike demands some attention when it comes to fluids. I additionally discovered that the axle bolt of the clutch lever and its bearing are heavily worn. This is why I measured both parts and will try to find some new spares. Until then I have to accept that the biting point is a little blurry…


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