Damn Clutch Lever

The clutch lever made me problems all over this year’s summer:

The lever bushing and axle bolt were torn and a new clutch cable was cut off after only two weeks due to grinding on the adjustment bolt. Then, the replacement cable had a larger nipple so that it destroyed the lever itself. I obviously needed another cable spec, having both smaller nipple and shorter cable (ca. 125 cm). The V7 850 GT cable (ca. 165 cm) does not work properly on the 750 Special.

I finally found a proper cable (thanks to my V7 mate Klaus!) and a used lever on Ebay. But I discovered that this part had a mounting body too wide for the original lever axle. My solution was rasping it to proper size, cutting it by about 3 mm in diameter. This went quite well so I had some time for another innovative idea: Why not swapping the lever bushing for a roller bearing, resulting in less wear and easier handling? Worth a try!

Tiny bearings (6 x 12 x 4 mm) can be found in model making part shops and I ordered a set of four to give it a test with my broken lever. I drilled a wider hole in the lever using a subland twist drill – leaving enough “meat” to the outer bearing surface. But the bearing itself was too weak to cope with the pressure while pushing it into the hole with a bench vice. It was destroyed immediately. So no chance of improving the bushing solution…

That brought me back to the actual problem: Finalising the lever on the bike. It was the first moment of optimism after a lot of set-backs over the last weeks. The lever was properly sized and easy to adjust so that I could enjoy a quick test ride. Now, Guzzi is back on track and I will give her a blast over the last autumn weeks for sure.


2 thoughts on “Damn Clutch Lever

  1. Congratulation for your nice site, we looking forward for more new reports
    Have a nice week end and enjoy the V7
    owner of V7 Special 1971

    • Hey Vincenzo,
      the 2013 season will be finished soon in Berlin so my V7 gets some proper care over the winter. I will of course document everything… Thanks for your comment and best luck for you and your Guzzi!

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