Damn Clutch Leaver – Finally Solved?

The last fiddling with the clutch lever made me wonder: How can one tiny part have so many impacts on a bike? The answer is: The devil is in the details. And, of course, he is! So I was once more forced to improve a small element, namely the damn axle bolt of the lever. It stucked-up itself through friction resulting in high breakaway forces when changing gear.

My solution was to keep the bolt from turning and to give it a little more space. So I bought a round headed stainless steel bolt at my favorite store, then drilled a small hole into it – same with the nut – and could assemble all this with the help of a lock pin.

This set-up worked out pretty well so far. But my latest experience tells me that there might still be an unknown problem somewhere out in the dark of motoring heaven. We´ll see…


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