Winter Work (2)

Winter – or what it actually was: two weeks of fuckin´ cold followed by a very early spring… – is more or less over. So I´m forced to proceed the last work on my V7 to have her ready for the 2014 season.

There are only some minor things left to do: Changing the turning light relay (on stock now), giving it a final wash and bringing it to the 2-yearly TÜV-inspection. The rest is just a matter of minutes…

Meanwhile, further improving parts were purchased on Ebay – for a bargain! I found a set of proper, matching and well-looking rear shocks for a little more than 50 bucks – just to fiddle around with. I always wanted to give the rear shocks a real overhaul because nobody really does it professionally these days. Now, it will be a fun job to do – with the help of these tutorials by Gregory Bender. A proper spring compressor set is already at hand…

It turned out that the Ebay find was in a better state than my own shocks. So I decided to swap them and use my former ones for the upcoming test-rebuild. Changing the shocks offered the chance of using new stainless steel washers and re-setting the rubbers – which are far less compressed in the larger eyes of the new shocks. Seems that there are many and slightly different eye sizes of old V7 shocks.

Well, Moto Guzzi was never famous for its standardization, I suppose… 😉


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