Greased Nipples

Have I mentioned before that my clutch is a pain in the arse? Well, actually, I did. And it´s a pity that I still have to address this problem. But the issue might be solved now since I have had my clutch cable rebuilt properly by Urban Motor.

The last cable, number 3 within 2.000 kilometers, showed signs of wear again: The lever nipple was already dissolving from the cable itself, resulting in a delayed bite point: My trust into it was lost – poor aftermarket quality. So I visited my mates from Urban Motor, namely wrenching god Henry, who tuned the cable just as needed: New wire, new nipples, all properly brazed and greased. I had to widen the cable gap in the lever just a little afterwards but that was no big deal – luckily!

The result does not only reduce leverage forces significantly but also seems to be pretty strong. No trouble until now! Whenever I´ll have to replace this part again, the cable itself cannot be blamed any longer…

BTW: Never talk about “greased nipples” when girls are around. They can definitely get you wrong… 😉


One thought on “Greased Nipples

  1. Have you checked your cable is following the right route. Are there any kniks. It does not seem normal to wear so quickly. There are some cables that you can buy that have a liner on the outside of the inner wire. This helps and I used to oil the cable although have lost the tool. I hope your cable lasts longer.

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