Moto Revue Classic – “Le Dossier Berlin”

It happened quite a while ago that my buddy Götz Göppert, himself a well-known and very skilled photographer, wanted to know more about Berlin´s vintage bike scene. He had a Berlin feature for a French magazine in mind. And I luckily knew some of the chaps in the capital who are just as nerdy as I am when it comes to old metal with some wheels attached.

So Götz brought Chief Editor Christophe from Moto Revue Classic along when doing shootings in the BMW works facilities, at Motogadget and our private garages. We had a very good time, not only sharing our ideas about bikes and cars, but also life and its hurdles in general. I really appreciate it when bikers can talk about more than just valve-timing and suspension rates…

A cheery night with all the blokes was a welcome final since the Berlin bunch – although living only some 20 kms away from each other – hardly gets together elsewise. May be this is why we are now planning to meet up at Wheels & Waves in Biarritz this summer. It´ll be even more fun!

So you can now have a look into the garages of Michel, Ulf or Max. And, yes…, I am happy that both my former Scoro as well as the beloved, “contemporary” V7 were captured in an article, too. Its headline is “Guzzi Love”.

That´s correct! 🙂

And here are some of Götz´ V7 photos…


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