Wheels & Waves 2014

W&W14 was a blast. It was the first time for me to visit both the French Atlantic coast as well as the event itself.

And what a happening it was! I will not repeat all those expressive descriptions of what was actually going in Biarritz. Other websites or magazines did so already. But I have to admit, the coastal town near the Spanish border has become one of the red-hot spots of today´s customizing (sub-) culture – in no longer than just 3 years. It´s not a get-together, it feels more like a movement. Why, you might ask!

Well, it offers a sublime mix of savoir vivre, great roads (Pyrenean, anyone?), infinite self-interpretation and relaxed surfer life style to celebrate the motorcycle. And motorcycle people. And motorcycle fashion. And art. And life in general.

This means that you won´t listen to any of these stereotype AC/DC rock songs. There is no chance to end up with overpriced junk food. And please forget the cliché of black-dressed, skull-tattooed fringe-daddies trying to maneuver their bold Milwaukee choppers through a roundabout – instead you have to wear a long beard and skinny jeans… :-). Last but not least, be prepared for women. Yes, women! Believe it or not – there are girls who actually like motorbikes without looking creepy – or being fringe daddy´s mom.

It also was a pleasure for me to use my Guzzi along the event. Yeees, we brought it with a trailer because none of my friends nor I did have the time for actually traveling to Biarritz on a 2-wheeler. But – nevertheless – my V7 was a perfect match to lean into Spanish mountain roads, park along the boulevard for dinner or just cruise through a full moon Biarritz night after having a great party. I even managed to carry my basic photo gear on the bike – so you can enjoy this tiny gallery of Guzzi photos in Biarritz´ old harbor while we had dinner with my Berlin posse, Urban Motor and the Wrenchmonkees.

For more inspiration, just check my W&W14 gallery in Flickr.

See you next year?


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