Summer Service

After the trip to France and Spain plus several weeks in Berlin on top, I recently reached the next 3.000 km step in my Guzzi life. So, again, time for changing the engine oil and pampering the bike just a bit.

I found some garage space in the chaos of MG, Mercedes and Guzzi junk and started with the repair of the front left turning light. The plastic chrome case was broken, resulting in a very loose fit. So I had to replace it with a new T3 replica from Ebay. Unfortunately, I discovered later that the new one has a wiring problem and only works half-time. I will check that soon…

Next were the spark plugs. Both BP6ES looked pretty good in terms of color (white and brown, so the carbs are well adjusted). But they had some major marks on the center electrode. This usually comes from choke use and results in poor idle speed behavior and – I must admit – my Guzzi had some trouble with stable cold starts and low revs here and there. The replacement was done within minutes, assisted by my 2 year old nephew who really had fun watching the bike but began crying immediately after I gave the bike a start. Hope that he will appreciate the sound of a vintage V2 asap…! 😉

The usual engine oil change was an easy bit: Off with old oil, sump and mesh filter; cleaning everything, removing old sealing bits and reassembling it with a new seal. I then added 3 liters of Castrol Classic 20W50 by using a threaded rubber cone for the sump and an exhaust pipe of a Guzzi Le Mans as extension. As a result, this usually is a very comfy refill. A sticker in the right side box will remind me on the regular check for oil.

It is also advised to have a look on the other fluids regularly, namely gear box and drive train. Both levels were pretty OK and I have another 3.500 km to replace these oils (10.000 windows), probably in the winter. But I was surprised when I inspected the filler neck bolt of the gearbox – its magnet obviously collected a fair amount of metal particles in the oil. I hope that this is not a bad sign for worn gearbox parts, respectively the beginning of the end!

Impovised rigging in a trailer for my Wheels & Waves trip also made some impression on the side stand which was deformed slightly. A proper push with my vice was the day’s last job so that I was ready for take-off before 6 pm, enjoying the rest of the day on a nice golden hour trip back home.


2 thoughts on “Summer Service

  1. Hello, pay attention that the oil for gear box and trasmission shall be specification GL4 and not GL5 which attak yellow metals;

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