My Guzzi in OCC´s 2015 calendar

All my vintage cars and bikes are usually insured at OCC, one of Germany´s main specialised agencies. They ran a photo competition last year and I attended with an old picture of my MGB GT, before it was completely dismantled in 2011. Luckily, my photo was selected as one of the dozen winner shots – out of more than 1.000 transmittals. The award was a professional photo shooting with the theme car for OCC´s 2015 calendar production. I´m a semi-pro photographer myself and was interested in how they would do it…

But my MG, the car in question, is still not in shape for a shooting. And neither is my rusty Benz. So the only chance was to convince the agency that my Guzzi V7 would be a proper replacement. As you might imagine, it was not too hard to convince them – although it seems to be the only motorbike in the calendar now…

So it happened these days that I met with the photographer team in my garage to put my V7 into perspective. It was past 9pm already so darkness could have been a problem. But it turned out that the photographer wanted to shoot with artificial lighting either way, making more than 20 shots out of one perspective with different light spots to digitally merge all photos later on.

The bike got no special treatment before, was quite dirty (wet roads) and the garage looked as used as ever. So I hope that the photo looks OK. It will be published at the end of this year.  I´ll share the final picture with you, of course!

Ironically, it was just the morning after the shooting when I had time to clean the bike. I also had to fiddle with the “new” front left turning light because – as it turned out – the white plastic “reflector“ connections were broken. I replaced this new part with an old one from my stock – and had a wonderful blast down the empty roads of Brandenburg for the rest of the day.


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