It never happened before – but my Guzzi let me down the other day. It just stopped working. No thrust. No lights. No nothing. I was quite surprised because reliability is one of the biggest strengths of the bike.

There was no other option than leaving the V7 where I stranded, rushing to the next car sharing vehicle and proceeding with the day´s strict plan. I came back in the evening, called the ADAC pick-up service and brought it home – still hoping that I could cure it myself.

But, unfortunately, I have no clue about electrics which were obviously the main reason for the breakdown. I guess a fuse, ignition, battery or ground issue. So I switched to plan B before A had even started: Once again calling ADAC, delivering the bike to Urban Motor´s workshop. Thumbs up for the “yellow angels”, as they are called here in Germany…

I believe that this digital malfunction is no major issue so that taking part at this year´s Distinguished Gentlemen´s Ride in Berlin – a definite must! – is still possible. Fingers crossed!


10 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. Soooooo – as expected: It was a malfunction in the ignition lock that could be repaired. But I have to consider buying a new/used one in better state for increased reliability…

  2. Hello Sven,

    can you please explan how yo solve this malfunction of the ignition lock ? I’m afraid I have just the same problem , no lights, no electricity at all at the dash board;
    The battery, fuse and all wiring seams ok;



    • Hey Vince,
      my bike cured itself in the first place. Must have been a short circuit or loose contact somewhere under the cockpit. After 1 day and a bit of wobbling around – it went well again.
      I am currently checking all electronic bits (winter time), also installing a new ignition lock with new keys. I don´want to break down again – so I bought one that includes the starter button like in a car lock.
      Just check and replace all parts in doubt. Luckily, V7 electronics aren´t that complicated… 😉
      Best! Sven

  3. Hi Sven,

    thanks a lot for your reply,

    exactly ! Suddelnly all lights and electricity are back and everything it’s working again,

    since I’m afraid it will happen again , I just bought a new ignition switch with a strarter position like inn a car lock;

    Congratulation for your blog !

    If you have a chance , I suggest to try the 500 cc bike Nuovo Falcone, I have one , is a terrific bike and give you, unic sensations ( there are plenty of NF in Germany)


    • Hey Vince,
      hope that your ignition switch will finally solve the problem as well.
      NFs are great, never had the chance of riding one yet though. But I heard good things and like the slightly awkward engine design. Have a picture of yours…?
      Best! Sven

      • Hi Sven,

        I replaced the switch on V7 and is working fine 😉

        I own a NF original ex police bike ( Carabinieri ) and a Civilian one transformed in Café ricer;


        I’ll try to send you some pictures
        Best! Vince

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