Berlin Distinguished Gentlemen´s Ride 2014

It was pure fun organizing and – finally – realizing this year´s Distinguished Gentlemen´s Ride in Berlin. Some moto friends including well-known customizer Urban Motor joined to host the event in Germany´s capital.

A great day with many different vintage and hand-crafted bikes (from two stroke GDR moped to Ducati Bevels or Harley freak bikes), cool folk, an old British Leyland Doubledecker as catering facility plus the roaring trip through the city were real highlights. More than 100 bikes ended up at Urban Motor´s place near river Spree were we sold merch, sausages and drinks for the only good reason: supporting the charity idea in order to fight against prostate cancer…

The global event was a big hit and raised more than 1,1 Mio. Euros so far!

I was glad having my Guzzi because it blended perfectly into the mass of cool wheels and gave a supportive, easy-handling transportation tool while photographing the event on the road (partly hands-free…).

You can find a bigger selection of pictures in my Flickr-Account.



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