A new Companion

I always believed in the fact that owning ONE motorcycle is just enough. Until now.

Of course, you can only swing your leg over a single bike at once. So owning more than one was always beyond imagination, underlined by the hassle friends had with a dozen of poorly running bikes while I was already quite busy keeping my small fleet (currently three cars and my V7) properly on track.

Things have changed now. Blame the inner child…

Quick retrospect: I was 12 when Ducati released the awesome, stunning, unbelievable, sporty, sexy, artsy, gorgeous (I could go on here…) 916 generation in 1994. Infection, done! I had 4 more years to survive until I was legally able to get my ass on a smaller version of the 916 – I could at least afford a used Cagiva Mito Evo, also designed by CRC, Massimo Tamburini´s design studio in San Marino. Same spirit, but cheaper and in reach with its 125 cc engine producing well over 30 hp in unlimited setup. To make a long story short: It was a blast, made a big impression on me whilst I felt like King of the Road.

Years went by. In the meantime, I ran a Ducati 900 Superlight amongst others, crashed it and started paying attention to what Guzzi offered me in terms of vintage bikes. The Desmo love paused somewhere deep in my heart. Now, it was time to realize the dream and to re-animate the passion.

Prices for early 916 models will rise from this point, and having “too much” cash on the bank only supports weird systems of commerce and greed. So I decided to invest into a 1995 spec 916 with slight mods. Eventually, she´s there, MY OWN nine-one-six. Again, unbelievable…!

My V7 will last, for sure. It´s my day-to-day bike and the 916 cannot replace the relaxing mobility and comfort it offers. It´s just the complete opposite. So both bikes complement one another brilliantly! 🙂

PS: A 916 blog will follow soon as you might imagine… 😉


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