Poor Guzzi

My last V7 post as well as the final tour of this year are long ago. I enjoyed the Guzzi with my mate Klaus (who owns a V7 Special himself) whilst cruising through Berlin City at night. Our experience in the dark is covered in a new magazine called FUEL which will be out in Germany very soon. Find a preview of my shots on Flickr.

The Guzzi keys were untouched since then – and the bike rested in front of my door right on the street, just covered by canvas to protect the machine from the heaviest rain and dirt. The battery flattened over the weeks because I had no time for nothing…

So it was really time to get a cheap rental trailer, load the bike with a passerby and bring it into my cozy garage outside of Berlin. MG and Mercedes car bits all over the place and the latest acquisition, my Ducati 916 – still undergoing a proper buildup – were almost waiting for the Guzzi.

The garage is really littered now and I have to tidy up things over the winter. Luckily, aside from re-activating the battery, the Guzzi does not demand major work. I might change the oil sometime soon but the rest of the bike is still in good shape – and almost ready for 2015.


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