Ready for Biarritz

The last months passed by in a real rush. So yesterday, it was time again to prep the V7 for my trip to Biarritz and the fourth edition of Wheels & Waves. Like last year, the V7 is my first choice for the French coast and the Pyrenean mountain roads because I´m sure it is far more relaxed than my comfort-killing Ducati 916. Additionally, a pre-1975 build date guarantees access to the Wheels & Waves village, the core of the festival.

In contrast to last year, towing 4 bikes in a huge trailer to the Atlantic, my friends and I decided to have the bikes shipped by a professional express company. The Urban Motor crew and I will instead take the plane, saving us at least 36 hours on the never-ending Autobahn. Haters might say that this is not in the spirit of Wheels & Waves; but fuck it! I just cannot afford going all along Germany, Belgium and France on the bike. I´d really love to, but a lack of time prevents me from doing so.

The prep of the bike itself was easy: I gave it a clean and new spark plugs, checked the motor oil (still clear) and changed the fluids in both gearbox and shaft drive casing. The latter brought bad news though: The metal deposit on the magnetic drain plug became critical. So I might need to rebuild the complete rear axle and shaft drive setup in the next winter in order to prevent further damages. Hopefully, it’s just an aged bearing rather than the rare and expensive crown wheels…

I finally took the side cases from the dusty attic, cleaned them and put them on the bike. So now, me and my photo gear can have a great time at the Altantic… 😉


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