Over and out

The 2015 season, after a very wet Wheels & Waves and the recent Gentlemen’s Ride, is almost over. So the big, bold lady rode back to my garage. I did the first steps of the winter service by disconnecting the carbs and removing the battery.

There are big plans for the cold season since the V7 is starting to feel a bit shabby here and there:

  • General clean-up
  • Cleaning the carbs in an ultrasonic bath and rebuilding them with new choke, cables and seals
  • Improving the clutch lever assembly
  • New ignition lock with starter function, new fuel pipes, new liquids, new tyres…
  • Finding a solution for the rusty exhaust
  • Improving/overhauling the front brake
  • Trying to rebuild a set of spare rear shocks and the front fork (which is a secret to me…)
  • If possible, polishing and rebuilding both wheels with stainless spokes (OMG!)
  • Finding an answer for signs of heavy wear in the shaft drive (OMG, again!)

Wish me good luck – no clue if there is enough time because my garage is currently loaded with bikes to be worked on… 😉


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