Getting serious

I am now pretty much done with the planning of my V7 winter update. It will most probably not only be a big technical overhaul, but also a visual make-up. The idea is to re-spray the bike in order to find a matching wheel/color balance – because I fell in love with whitewall tires and the original Guzzi white would be too similar in tone. Photoshop gave me the chance to tune the future appearance digitally. So I ended up with a light blue metallic paint that works quite well with whitewalls – and is still kind of contemporary. The rubber in question will be the Coker/Beck whitewall from the US (4×18”).

Now, time allowed some more fiddling with the V7: I put the bike on my lift and removed the wheels and drive train. The shaft drive had metal flakes in the oil again, which – after only 1.000 km… – is very unusual. I later discovered that the crown wheel suffers from heavy pitting. So a general and expensive rebuild of the complete shaft drive with new crown and pinion is unavoidable.

The unacceptable stopping performance of the front brake was another big problem. It obviously resulted from a lack of lubrication in the drums´ mechanisms. A bit of WD40 and the cure was on its way…

I never liked the reflector mount holes in the fenders of my V7. They distract from the simple beauty the bike offers. And now, knowing that a re-spray is on its way – I decided to close the holes with WIG welds. It was quite a tricky task on the front fender since the part itself and the welding metal were not very cooperative. But I finally managed it by using loads of material and a grinder to clean the spot. The same procedure will be applied to the rear fender as well as the perforated tail light bracket soon.


5 thoughts on “Getting serious

  1. Hey Kev, I honestly have no clue yet how to rebuild the front fork. But, if a special tool is needed, I would of course get back to you. 🙂 What kind of problems and/or special tools did you encounter??? Best! Sven

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