Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better.

This piece of wisdom does also apply to motorcycle restoration. Because I had to destroy the wheels of my V7 in order to rebuild them – while my #WheelsOfStilEnduranceGuzzi got a rear wheel for the very first time in order to put the V7 on its rolling platform. You might imagine that cutting both, the tire with a hacksaw and the spokes with a grinder felt pretty awkward… Of course, I measured the distances between hub and rim before. The effective clearance was 7 mm on each side and wheel.

But the destructive work is all for the good: The classic 18×3” Borrani wheels suffered a lot over the past years. Water is collected easily when rain falls on the bike. And the shape of the rim does not allow the water to be flushed away completely. So you usually end up with a small puddle of water where the alloy corrodes damn fast. You can see a corroded part of the rim and the test-sanded area in the gallery, the latter grinded down manually with 200 paper. I´m really looking forward to the big sanding and polishing session – an exhausting, but satisfying job.



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