Ultrasonic Bath for the Carbs

Before I go on with the restoration of the Guzzi wheels I wanted to have the Dell´Orto VHB29 carbs cleaned. My mate Klaus thankfully gave me his Ultrasonic Bath Unit in which I could clean all the tiny bits and pieces in a 60°C dishwashing liquid-water solution. There might be better liquids out there, but mine just did the job. The parts went in roughly cleaned and came out pretty good. I disassembles all screws, needles and jets in advance to get the best result. This is why I also figured out the current basic setting of my Dellos:

  • Main needle, V5
  • Main jet, not readable
  • Choke jet, 80
  • Idle jet, A5
  • Slide, 60/2 (7454/60), quite worn…

All seals went into the bin since they will be replaced with new ones soon – while the float bowl had a short run on sandpaper in order to be flattened for perfect sealing.

The cleaning took place all over the day while I was improving the look of the V7 tail light bracket. The former owner had some ugly, unnecessary holes drilled into it which were always a pitiable sight. You might consider to replace the (available!) part for some 18 € instead of spending half a day for the repair. But to me, it would never balance for the original CEV logo on the original one.

So the choice was easy: WIG-welding spots of metal inside and outside of the bracket and grinding them down slowly. After that, I slightly adjusted the profile of the bracket by grinding a soft curve into the metal. Cause it’s always the small things that make the difference… 🙂 The next steps will be stripping off the paint completely (using chemicals), then softening/filling it and, finally, giving it a new black paint to make it look shiny again.



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