Weld, Sand, Paint, Repeat

Well, yes – that was the slogan for the last days in the workshop. Both fenders got a big WIG spot weld that was grinded flat to cover the original reflector hole in the metal. So the Guzzi will look cleaner when my paint shop will be finished with the new color (most probably light blue).

The same welding process already happened to the re-shaped tail light bracket. Next was removing the old, scratched paint. But my chemical cleaner, usually quite reliable…, did not have ANY effect on it. The 1970s color is quite tough… So I had to use the grinding wheel to get rid of the black leftovers. This job was done with ease, and so was the masking of the CEV logo and the filler re-spray to flatten the rest of the surface. A DIY paint job in glossy black will follow soon…

Meanwhile, I also figured out how to redo the alloy Borrani rims. 240, 600 and 1000 grade sandpaper work fine to create a surface worth polishing. But it´s a HUGE task – I will spend one complete day per rim at least to make the finish as good as possible. May the winter be with me.


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