Final Drive, New Exhaust, Tail Light Bracket & Wheel Bearing Removal

Loads of more things are to be done on my Guzzi V7…

The FINAL DRIVE is currently undergoing a complete renovation. Gears of crown & pinion were seriously worn. So I brought the shaft casing with all internals to my buddies at Urban Motor. They are more than capable of doing the job correctly. I instead would not like to change these parts myself since setting the distance between crown & pinion is a delicate work. No need to ruin anything. Luckily, most parts of the shaft drive are available at the moment, but adding up to a hefty 950 € (bearings, seals, gaskets, nuts, crown & pinion), without labor. The result of the future 8/37 ratio (instead of 8/35) will soon be presented here.

My Guzzi also needs some visual tuning. The original EXHAUST is pretty rotten and rusted. I tried to address this problem with a Coke cure – and it worked very good, as shown in this video. Most of the rust could be removed from the surface. But still, the pipes were far from shiny. Therefore, I decided to go for a new set, built of stainless steel. Armour Motor Products in the UK produce an exhaust set worth buying. The shape is similar to the original, only the exhaust mounts at the passenger foot pegs vary slightly. This exhaust is of the absorption type, which should improve gas flow/power slightly and make for a deeper sound. The original V7 exhaust pipes are reflective, not allowing the fumes to pass on the shortest way, swashing from here to there. I will report about fitting the new exhaust in a few months.

I also managed to finish the TAIL LIGHT BRACKET, spending hours welding, grinding and flattening the surface with sandpaper. The last steps were filling/priming the weld spots and painting the piece with glossy black spray color. One hour in the oven, burning the color on the metal and the job was done.

I also gave my Borrani rims to a professional who will make them shiny again – for a very good price. Meanwhile, I was struggling with the wheel hubs. Having them separated from the rims and off the bike means that I can also renew the WHEEL HUB BEARINGS. They were still OK, but I feel better using new parts when putting everything back together. Getting the bearings out of the hubs was tricky in the first place. I had no clue about how to do that. But using a punch, sliding 2/3 through the axle hole, gripping on the border of the bearing casing on the other side worked out well. It turned out that there are – of course – 2 bearings plus dust seals, plus 2 outer flange tubes and 1 small & one big distance tube in the middle of the bearings; no matter if front or rear wheel. This might be different when you have a double-duplex brake or discs at the front… The new bearings are already there and will be mounted soon.


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