Shaft Drive & Carbs Ready

Things are progressing, although I am still struggling to get the front fork out of the triple tree. But that´s another story…

Urban Motor got their hands dirty on the inner parts of my shaft drive. Henry, one of the skilled mechanics, turned the worn gears into a new, shiny and fine-tuned piece of kit. All tired parts were replaced by new ones; gears, seals, bearings, nuts and bolts. It’s a tricky intervention since setting the crown & pinion distance properly is kinda magic. Well, at least to me…

However, Henry and I discovered that not only the gears were worn. Most of the bearing surfaces were gone, too – as you can see from the metal of the bearing shell. Additionally, it seems that a former owner had the oil level check nut thread widened and re-tapped. But he missed the correct 90° angle. So the bolt has a limited sealing effect, standing slightly aslope. I will address that with some compound, extra flexible washers or even by shaping the sealing surface a bit.

The total price for the shaft drive overhaul was well above 1.000 € since Urban Motor spentmore than half a day to do the work professionally, and parts aren´t cheap either. The only gear ratio currently available is 8/37 (the old one was 8/35) and I hope that the slightly shorter installation and high-quality build will make up for this investment – the largest I´ve ever done to my Guzzi…

In contrast to that, rebuilding the carbs was relatively easy and cheap: I had the VHBs cleaned in an ultrasonic bath quite a while ago. The re-assembly was an easy job for a lonely evening in front of the TV, while needles, floater and everything else were spread on the living room table. My girlfriend would have loved that sight… 😉

Blow-up drawings of the old carbs were a little help. So applying the Dell’Orto sealing kit was straight forward – just keeping in mind that a few parts will always be left over due to different VHB sizes and constructions. But in spite of the ultrasonic bath – there was still some dogged dirt left in the needle valve and some hidden parts of the casing. Careful use of a sharp screw driver helped getting rid of that stuff.

Next week´s weather forecast sounds spromising – above 5°C! So I will hopefully be able to work on the Guzzi wheel hubs, bearings, brakes and the front fork.



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