The big question: WHAT COLOR?

What started with a minor fine-tune became a project in itself: I strictly wanted to get rid of the reflector mounting holes in the fenders – and spontaneously closed them with some WIG welds a few months ago. I generally love the simple and discreet looks of Guzzi´s V7 models, but these unnecessary holes were attacking my visual perception of the clean bike over years…

But welding the fenders (and not being a huge fan of white) meant I had to respray parts of it – at least… Usually, color considerations like this waste a huge amount of my brain activity (no final decision on the future color of my MGB since years…). It was exactly the same with my Guzzi! But I had to hurry – aiming for spring 2016, being back on the road.

This is when I started photoshopping an old picture of my bike. I also included whitewall tires into my mind game, pimping the retro look of the bike. The final results were interesting: Blue colors and the original V7 700 cc color (dark red body, silver fenders) became my favorites, contrasting perfectly with white sidewalls on the rubber.

Making a long story short:

(1) Whitewall tires are not available for the Guzzi in Europe. Coker´s 4.00×18” wheels have a rating for max. 150 km/h. And the Guzzi is a fast beast, reaching more than 170 in theory (eat this, Harley-Davidson!). So I would never be able to use these (brilliantly looking) tires legally. A no-go in Germany, sadly…

The whitewall issue, however, might be solved with rubber paint. But I´m not sure about that yet. In either case, a set of Bridgestone´s BT45 rubber is in stock now.

(2) The blue color tone stole my sleep for weeks. I found inspirations at BMW, Renault, Audi and Nissan, tending towards a Mediterranean look with metallic effects. Thanks to a lucky incident in front of a bakery store, I finally went for “Vignale Blue Metallic” (Code: 6DPE, T), an original color option of the mid-2000s Ford Focus Cabriolet. A very similar BMW tone, “Maldive Blue Metallic”, lost against the oval paint due to a certain affection towards Ford (thanks, Dad!).

So this is where we are: The body parts are cleaned and stripped down as much as possible. The paint shop will now do the work, leaving room for a pin stripe artist at the end of the process.



2 thoughts on “The big question: WHAT COLOR?

  1. Hi Sven,

    in my very personal opinion, the best colour combination for the V7 is like the first V700;
    – black frame
    – cherry red for the gasoline tank , with chrome cheeks at both sides;
    – light grey for the fenders, battery covers and tool boxes;

    and finally with full black tires


    • Hey Vince,
      Agreed, the red/grey look is unbeatable. I’m looking for something more custom, but still matching the overall vintage look of the bike. We’ll see if the whitewall thingy works…
      Best! Sven

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