Guzzi V7 Front Fork: Step 4 – Fitting and Oil Refill

It´s almost done – the fork is ready for installation. Your bike might already be prepped for this last process, resting on the main stand.

I would recommend using the help of a fork puller tool – which you can buy for about 50 €. Or you can make your own one, just as I did yesterday: I had the worn, scrappy fork tubes left and used the top end thread as a cutting tool for a 2 cm thick, round alloy piece. It got a hole in the middle, was then gently screwed into the thread, cutting a matching pattern into the soft metal. A bolt was pushed through the alloy afterwards and an additional steel rod was connected on top, secured with a cable tie. It´s a makeshift solution, no comparison to a properly made tool – for sure, but it worked just fine.

I took the complete fork assembly, screwed my pulling tool in the upper plug thread and pushed everything through the triple tree and the front light bracket (not screwed in place yet). Widening the lower triple tree holes with a screwdriver helps a lot.

You can make use of the fork pulling tool when the fork is sitting in the triple tree, catching its top end from above. The screwdriver in the lower triple tree can be removed when the fork tube is in the upper counterpart, locking it on the lower level. The pulling tool just needs to be replaced by the 36 mm plug nuts – and the fork tubes are in place.

I have no clue how to pull the fork tube through the upper triple tree without the puller, because it is covered by the front light bracket in that case. So be aware of the fact – find an alternative or get yourself this great device!

The last thing is to install wheels and brakes (you know how to do this…), and to refill the inner parts with fork oil. Different information is available on that – so here is my conclusion:

  • Quoting historic handbooks, Guzzi recommends using 0,16 ltr of “Shell Tellux 33” (also: “Tellus”) in each fork. This was very versatile oil, but ancient stuff.
  • In today’s words: Get some very basic grade 30 mineral oil!
  • 0,2 – 0,25 ltr are also mentioned here and there
  • The rare disc brake V7 forks shall be filled with 0,05 (???) ltr Dextron ATF oil each side
  • Basically, a fork oil change should be applied every 20.000 km

To me, Guzzi V7 (drum brake) forks are of very basic nature. And the precise amount and type of oil shouldn´t make for a big difference – as long as some oil is inside at all. This is why I went for oil from my stock in the first place, which was 0,2 ltr of 20W50 mineral engine oil for each tube.

It might well be that I will try different viscosities in the future – reports will follow after first impressions on the road…



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