Guzzi V7 Front Fork: Overhaul Summary

Getting the front fork overhaul of a vintage Guzzi V7 right seems a pretty big deal. And, without doubt, you might spend many hours in your garage. But the myths and rumors about it are absolutely rubbish. Any skilled mechanic with basic garage equipment can do the work – WHEN the following conditions are met:

  • Prepare all steps carefully and read instructions before getting started
  • Get yourself all three, at least two special tools, buy new ones or rent them from a buddy – the Fork Collar Tool (PDF), the Slider Nut Tool and – if possible – the Fork Puller Tool
  • Have basic tools, a 36 mm spanner or nut, a torch and a big hammer at hand
  • Check the availability of spares in advance (basically: tubes, sliders, seals and nuts etc.) – it doesn´t make sense taking down the bike when you cannot complete the work afterwards
  • Take your time to improve the look of your fork – it might be worn and fresh paint could help – consider the time for sanding and a proper respray
  • Think about changing the roller bearing in the steering head as well when working on the front end already

You can follow the fork overhaul step by step:

  1. Removal
  2. Disassembly
  3. Respray and Rebuild
  4. Fitting and Oil Refill

Good luck, enjoy the work!


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