Shiny Wheels Back In

Do you know these moments when things are finally coming together? Worn parts, refurbished over time, serviced by professionals or reworked by your own hands? To me, these are one of the best things you can experience when owning a classic machine, no matter if you prefer cars or love motorbikes.

I recently celebrated such a highlight, when I could test my re-spoked wire wheels in the Guzzi frame. Not only do the rims look like new, thanks to a brilliant polishing job. They also come with new stainless spokes, done by Urban Motor, and Bridgestone BT45 tires (“110/90-18 61V F” for the front, “120/90-18 65V R” at the rear). There is even a confirmation available to make this tire setup legal for German authorities…

Mated with polished drum brakes, overhauled shocks at the back and the reworked fork, everything looks pretty good already. Of course, there is way more to be done – but it makes the V7 Special a motorbike again, whereas it looked like a pile of scrapped metal just a day ago…


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