Fresh from the Paint Shop

Seems that the color tone I have chosen for the second life of my Guzzi also works well on other Italian legends, too. An Alfa Romeo Giulia gave testament to that while standing in front of Berlin´s largest classic car center a few days ago.

The paint on the car was quite gone though – a huge difference to the shiny, glossy and untouched surface of the Guzzi parts I collected from Sven van den Brandt´s paint shop. Sven did a very good job. However, the premium quality of his work has a very high price (don’t ask…). But regrets are gone when you glide your hands over the immaculate curves of gas tank, fenders and side boxes.

I am also very happy with the color itself – shining from light turquois to a decent blue in an infinite variety of tones, depending on the lighting situation. The clear cote is super smooth and gives the Guzzi a distinction without looking too flashy.

Fenders and gas tank went to the pin striper Uwe Graf already, who recommended white lines with a very small hint of blue to decorate the Guzzi logo, fender lines and some discreet graphics on the body panels. White lines should not only work well with the whitewall tires I still have in mind, but also correspond perfectly with the reflective alloy wheels and chrome exhaust pipes.

Both side cases and tool boxes were test-mounted on the bike in order to find a horizontal line in the meantime. The final graphic design is not finished yet, but sketches I did today define the route already.


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