Second Spring in Summer

I collected the V7 very recently from the Urban Motor headquarters. And, man, they did a brilliant job! The carbs run smoothly, without any sign of malfunction, the ignition is perfectly timed, the valves have been fine-tuned. And I adjusted the brakes myself, so everything was in order.

This was followed by a 280 km test ride to a festival organized by a Whiskey brand (I don´t drink…). But the tour, over bumpy B-roads to a beautiful lake in the countryside, was ideal to sort out last problems. But it proofed that (A), all nuts and bolts are tightened up. And (B), that both front fork and rear shocks have very much profited from the winter overhaul. They work just fine! And BT45 rubbers have so much lifted the performance on the road – a 200% recommendation! Cool bikes, nice people, a small beach, the mild summer evening and great food at the festival offered a warm welcome for me and the old lady. So I celebrated the “second spring” of my Moto.

It was already dark when I came home and found the only drawback next morning: The seal between shaft drive and the hub casing was leaking slightly, so I already organized a replacement for that. And one turning light is wobbling slightly. But these are minor problems.

So, she´s back!!! And I honored the beauty of the bike with a small photo shooting in a soft sundowner the other day (hi-res photos here).


2 thoughts on “Second Spring in Summer

    • Tom, thanks a lot! I know Gergory´s page – it´s of huge help!
      And I wouldn´t have done the suspension overhaul without his advise… 😉
      Greeting from the other side of the ocean!

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