My old lady on Bike EXIF

It happened a few times before that the guys from Bike EXIF published my work. Bikes from friends, clients or even my beloved Le Mans were in the focus…

Showing classic bikes with hardly any “custom” touch are a rarity though. But Chris and Wes, the editors in charge, are Guzzi lovers. And this might have helped when I came along with the latest pictures of my V7.

Now, she´s bike of the day! Which is a huge compliment for me, since only the best machines are featured on this top-notch website.

Those moments always make me think of the network I am profiting from: Urban Motor, offering serious technical assistance. My dad, who always has a helping hand. Klaus, my fellow on the streets – an enthusiast like me. Uwe Graf and Sven van den Brandt, applying the brilliant paint job. Jens Leiermann, the man behind the polishing wheel. Kevin – thanks for the special fork tool! All my buddies who love kicking ideas around. And last, but no least: The best girl in the world – she even accepts the grease under my finger nails…



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