Review: Off to Denmark

It´s October by now, and the season is slowly coming to an end. I feel lucky thinking about the last months, with the great Bike EXIF article – and a memorable trip to Copenhagen.

Two friends and I attended the Magic Carpet Motorcycle Festival in the Danish capital – and it was awesome! Scandinavian Savoir Vivre, interesting bikes, hospitable people, the nice city of Copenhagen, a little bit of alternative sub-culture and the relaxing ride between Berlin and Denmark…

I had to prepare the V7 in advance of the trip, making her able to cope with luggage for a couple of days. The old side cases were a perfect basis to start with. But they did not match the bike after the blue respray – so I applied some color on them as well.

The spray itself came from a store in Berlin that offers all sorts of painting services, including mixing individual tones. Two cans of Ford blue, one small can of RAL 3000 (fire red) and according single component clear lacquer came about 50 €.

And this is how I used the stuff:

  • testing filler, blue and red color as well as the clear lacquer on a used metal piece

  • marking all dents on the used side cases and lids

  • filling all dents with automotive body filler

  • priming and sanding everything down several times

  • applying three layers of blue

  • masking the “boomerang” with pro tape

  • adding the fire red “boomerang” in two layers

  • gently sanding some parts down again (2000 wet paper)

  • applying the clear lacquer in three layers

  • polishing the clear lacquer

  • filling the ugly inner sections with underbody coating

  • adding lid seals and locks

  • mounting everything with poly-urethane brackets (made on my drilling machine)

  • a matching pin stripe job will follow soon…

I learned two lessons in this process: (1) Never polish a lacquer too hard or too fast – you might easily grind more than just the surface away! And (2), never use underbody coating for anything else but, well…, the underbody of a car! I will use rubber spray as coating for the inner parts of the cases – because it will not smudge my luggage…

A report about the trip to Copenhagen will follow in my next posting…


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