Season Start with Obstacles

Long time, no blog post… Well, that was due to the fact that cold winter temperatures had Germany under control until yet. And there were a couple of things to sort out before my Guzzi went back on the streets – which finally happened last week.

I had major problems with the shaft drive. It was completely overhauled last season but suffered massive tooth break-out and leakage after just 3.000 km – clearly a material problem. So I brought the parts back to Urban Motor who did the work in 2016. Their supplier (Stein Dinse) offered replacement parts (I assume the same inferior stuff). But we could source a new 8/35 crown & pinion set at Stucchi in Italy with better build quality – hopefully. Urban Motor did the rebuild again – with all expenses paid by Stein Dinse. So I just had to bring and collect the stuff to my fellow pros.

The gears were back in with ease. So I dealt with my second problem: The cables and levers on the handle bar. Most of the Bowden cables were rotten over time, had perforated shells and the choke did not work smoothly either. The original levers were not precise and worn, too. So I bought a pair of new ones.

The replica brake lever broke immediately after my test installation, so I had to claim compensation from my supplier – again a material defect… But that went well and I finally installed the new levers – with a custom-made clutch cable and direct choke assembly. The beautiful, but unnecessary choke lever on the handle bar is now a thing of the past.

I´m still not happy with the the amount of backfiring in the engine. And the brakes, especially the front one, is not sorted yet. But a diagnosis will follow soon. Getting the Duplex brakes just right is 50% experience, 50% magic. So wish me luck with my not-so-magic hands… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Season Start with Obstacles

  1. I am seriouly fed up with inferior aftermarket parts that are being supplied for our classic Guzzi’s.
    I have had three clutch cables that don’t fit at the lever. And a set of new handle bars that were so bent when delivered that they were unusable. The chrome on the same bars was so thick that the throttle body would not fit either.

    • Hi Kevin,
      completely agreed! I had trouble with weak cables (3 sets cracked in 1.000 km). And the broken brake lever was a serious thing, as were the worn shaft drive gears.
      Seems that owning a vintage Guzzi is not for the faint-hearted (has it ever been…?). You really need to know the pros and what to buy and to do.
      Luckily, rebuilding Bowden cables is not tricky at all. I will do the same with the front brake cable in order to optimize the drum´s performance. My clutch cable works fine so far…
      Good luck with your Rumbler!

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