Germany, mid-90s. I was 14 when the Cagiva Mito 125 EV appeared on stage. The remarkably well proportioned Bella Donna gave many respects to the wet-dream Ducati 916, although “only” offering 34 hp. I passed driving license two years later. And, guess what, me and my family purchased a used Mito in Berlin. Two high-revving years and two sets of pistons later, it was given into somebody else’s hands – but the Italian bike virus was settled deeply into my nervous system…

A Yamaha SR 500 was my basic wheeler in study times, but just a brief Japanese intermezzo. My two-wheeled approach increased in correlation to first salary checks after having finished university. This lead into an awesome relationship with a Ducati 900 Supersport. She was a real stunner and went like hell after having fitted proper Mikuni carbs and a carbon sports exhaust. This connection could have lasted forever. But a crash divided us from each other. Ducci popped out her side stand in a demanding left-hander. The inevitable happened. And the shattered beauty was sold in parts at Ebay.

I then went for a 1984 Guzzi Le Mans. Not the first idea on daily rides you might think… But it was the best choice so far! The old rumbler was fun to ride, trustful, challenging and an awe to listen. It took several stages of rebuilding it but the final product was the most beautiful bike I have ever driven. We had many great moments and “Scoro” provided the real basis for my passion on vintage motoring and Moto Guzzi.

However, I sold the bike in late 2012 to finance another resto-mod project (covered on www.mgbgt.wordpress.com). So a big gap had to be filled. The goal was to even go one step further – or better: backwards. 1970-something Guzzi V7, you name it! Peter, a good friend and owner of Urban Motor had a withered V7 on stock but it was sold long before I had the chance to give it a try. So it took a while till now when I can proudly claim to have a “new” moto in my garage…!